Cradle is an integral part of the BMU system that carries the technician and plotted with the assistance of roof attachment to go up and down of the façade. It can be supplied in different length and can be joined to a single unit of maximum 12 meters length.

This electric equipment is composed of aluminum, there are 2 electrical hoists installed inside the cradle, one at each end and incorporates a guiding system that ensures the correct reeling of the wire rope, the operators use a centralized control system with an operated soft push button, the Cradle is complete with non-slip floor and suitable wall rollers to prevent damage to the building face.

The cradle is equipped with safety block on which the safety ropes pass, In the event of a breakdown or power failure, the winches can be manually operated. Also it includes emergency stop, electromagnetic brake in the hoist with secondary mechanical brake, Upper limit safety device, Lower limit safety device, Thermal overload safety for cradle, Slack wire ropes safety device, plus all necessary safety limit switches.

Cradle – Machine Features

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