Sky Steel Systems

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Leading building facade access solution and turnkey provider. Sky Steel Systems inception in 2002 and vision to become a regional leader in the Middle East in Building Maintenance Unit (BMUs) for facade access solutions has been realised through the rapid growth and development in the region and the completion of major regional milestone projects.

The vision of Sky Steel Systems is to “be the market leader in all aspects of BMU design, quality, and performance throughout the region and internationally”

Our mission to achieve the objectives of our vision is through continual assessment, development, and improvement of all our staff, facilities, and technologies by internal investment in people, continual improvement of procedures, and encouraging innovation

Sky Steel


Providing the most efficient method of building maintenance.
Reduction of over-complicated solutions,minimising failures in breakdowns & maintenance.
Managing technical and cost-effective solutions for our clients.
Committed to dependability, availability and trust.
No accidents or incidents since the company’s inception.


Sky Steel Systems LLC is accredited with EN ISO 9001:2000 in Design, Manufacture, Installation & Maintenance of Access Systems for Building Facades. Ensuring that our customers enjoy peace of mind that our products are designed and manufactured to most stringent quality standards. Continual internal review and assessment of our procedures develops progressive advancement in all areas our of business model and maintains our reputation of a regional leader in facade access equipment.

Testing and 3rdParty Inspection

All installations of our systems are checked through our internally stringent QA/QC system prior to Client Inspection Requests at the time of installation and commissioning.

Sky Steel Systems LLC has a partnership in place with the highly trusted and reputable Bureau Veritas QHSE-SR group in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt for all ongoing 3rdparty inspection and certification.

We are providing the best solutions and services in the industry


Our internal ERP, workflow strategy, and HR structure allows us to undertake up to $1.5m of throughput per month. Our large capacity means we can meet the demands of many and large projects simultaneously. We use state of the art equipment and best practices to meet client requirements, remaining flexible enough to adapt if these requirements change.

Our Facilities

Our 3,000 sq. m. purpose-built facility houses our Design, Operational, QA/QC and Safety, Sales, Administrative, Purchasing and Accounting departments.