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These systems are very economical and efficient access solutions given that the machines are small, light, and provide comprehensive building perimeter access with options of standard cradles; cantilevered cradles; slewing cradles; pantographic cradles; and telescopic cradles.


Monorail systems are considered as the most economical and efficient window cleaning system in terms of purchase, running cost and minimal operation process. The monorail system consists of an aluminum track, fixed with steel brackets on the side of the building or underhung in a recess.


Cradle is an integral part of the BMU system that carries the technician and plotted with the assistance of roof attachment to go up and down of the façade. It can be supplied in different length and can be joined to a single unit of maximum 12 meters length.


Mounted on steel bases on the roof, the davit system consists of aluminum or steel arms that can be dismantled and moved to a different set of bases on the roof to access a different area of the building. Davits are used in conjunction with a self-powered cradle that can...


The gantry system is the best and safest access solution for a dome or windowpane on a low-rise building. This system includes traveling gantries installed on the inner & outer side of the roof of the building. The gantries will be traversing on motorized wheels on the rail track to clean the windows...


Abseiling system is used to access buildings where a BMU is not feasible. The abseiling pipe rail is installed along the perimeter of the building. One end of the rope is positioned on the stainless steel pipe rail and from this point the abseilers lower their ropes to reach the cleaning facades. The rail is fixed...


The fall arrest system is designed to be permanently attached to stainless steel brackets where maintenance workers are exposed to a risk of falling when performing their work. The worker is continuously attached to the fall arrest system with a glider that can travel along the cable and pass through the neo brackets.

Our Products


Specialised tailor made solutions

Sky Steel Systems LLC uses the latest 3D solid modelling software, and FEA / Structural Analysis packages for the development of specialised engineering solutions to meet today’s complex requirements of facade access equipment.

Through modelling and animation, complex solutions for geometrically complex facades are concept proofed to meet cleaning and cleaning cycle specifications. R & D on specialised project requirements are simultaneously engineered in development of the overall concept and budgeting.

Sky Steel Systems LLC amalgamates existing proven technologies in industrial sectors on occasions to provide unprecedented engineering solutions through our network of joint ventures through affiliates and new industry sector expertise sourcing.

During detailed engineering and design, external 3rd party companies are employed under subcontract for design certification of engineering design parameters.

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