Gantry Ladder


The gantry system is the best and safest access solution for a dome or windowpane on a low-rise building. This system includes traveling gantries installed on the inner & outer side of the roof of the building. The gantries will be traversing on motorized wheels on the rail track to clean the windows or specific area.

Gantry – Machine Features

  • >  They can be of aluminum or steel construction.
  • >  They travel on steel or aluminum tracks along and around a skylight.
  • >  They can be installed on the inside and outside of the skylight to access both sides of the glass.
  • >  They can be designed in different shapes to match the architecture of the structure: horizontal, inclined, curved, telescopic and cantilevered.
  • >  They can travel manually or electrically.
  • >  If provided with a parking area, they can be hidden from sight when not in use.